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Embedding personal growth in the online classroom

Here at the Global Geography Academy, we are passionate about supporting our students during geography tutoring sessions, to ensure everyone has the best possible chance of fulfilling their potential and attaining academic success. However, we go beyond just academic success; for us, a fundamental component of the Global Geography Academy learning experience is the cultivation of personal growth and instilling self-belief, self-esteem and resilience in our students so that they can not only maximise success in study, but carry these fundamental life skills outside the classroom and beyond.

With technology such as anonymous online quizzes and the ability to learn from peers without fear of judgement should mistakes be made, online group tutoring offers a safe space within which students can grow academically and with the right learning environment, develop the all-important life skills referred to above.

Below is a visual of some of the strategies we implement to cultivate a positive learning environment, where students feel empowered to take risks, learn from mistakes, build self-confidence and maximise ability to fulfil potential.

We build personal development into all our Global Geography Academy tutoring sessions, so not only do our students gain the academic knowledge and confidence to succeed in exams and assessments, they develop valuable skills that will last a lifetime in all spheres of life.

For further information of what we offer to support geography students, please see our full range of geography tutoring packages and don't hesitate to contact us if you would like further information.

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