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IGCSE Tutoring

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No matter where in the World you are studying your iGCSE, we have a range of tutoring options to suit you, ranging from our intensive masterclass sessions, to our Geography Gold individual sessions. Please see below for full details of all our iGCSE packages.

All iGCSE tutoring takes place at times to suit both International and UK students. Please contact us via the Enquiry button below to arrange a free consultation and to discuss the timings of our iGCSE tutoring sessions. 

"Dan was an exceptional tutor who really helped me to complete and conquer my IGCSE exams. I am really grateful for him helping me get my A grade. Without his support in the time I had with him I would have not achieved the A I had got. Overall he is a great tutor and a great person who you can see has a deep understanding of geography, and is willing to help his students as much as possible."

Our iGCSE group tutoring is designed to be flexible, enjoyable and provide maximum support on your journey through a critical stage in your education. We work with individual exam boards, to ensure you receive tutoring specific to the exam you will be sitting. With our proven track record of excellent results for our students, we are here to ensure success and raise those grades!

Mountain Range

Subject Sharpener

A 10-week course focused on raising your grade and ensuring you have a solid foundation of subject knowledge.

The course runs over 10 consecutive weeks and is delivered by a subject specialist, ensuring consistency in your learning.

Outdoors Meeting


A focused and intensive 5-week course with twice weekly sessions. The focus is on detailed subject knowledge linked to exam technique to help you boost those grades.

The course runs over 5 consecutive weeks and is delivered by a subject specialist, ensuring you have consistency in your learning and are well prepared for your exams.

Regular tutoring

Weekly Group Tutoring

Weekly group tutoring, ongoing through the academic year. Join at any point.  

Available as a 10 lesson package or on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Private Tutoring and Coursework Assistance

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Individual Tutoring

Our 'Geography Gold' package tutoring comprises bespoke one-to-one tutoring to meet individual needs in terms of subject content and individual learning styles.

Tutoring sessions can be held as frequently as you wish, subject to tutor availability. 

£549 / $699 for 10 sessions, or on a pay-as-you-go basis for £59 / $79 per one-hour session.

Exam Support

Coursework Support
and Exam Preparation

We can offer one hour, one-to-one coursework support and advice sessions to ensure you are submitting assessments and facing examinations with the best possible chance of success. 

We can also assist by providing additional mock exams for students (pre public exams) and provide full marking and feedback.

£84 / $99 per session/exam/coursework submission.

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